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Web 2.0 2.0 certification


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Web 2.0 2.0 certification is An Exclusive Award, available only to the most up-to-date and technologically dazzling web sites. It makes clear to investors (and users) that you are prepared to do whatever it takes to do business in the new connected age. With our certificate you can leverage the world!


You need to differentiate yourself from the competition. They've all jumped on the Web 2.0 bandwagon, often without fully understanding it. But even though you have truly embraced best-of-breed systems, it's easy for them to superficially fake it up. With Web 2.0 2.0 this fakery just isn't possible. Web 2.0 2.0 is Web 2.0 squared. It's Web 2.0 done right.


Only one Web 2.0 2.0 certificate will be issued in each market sector, so you need to act fast to get accredited before your competitors do! Email our team with the name and address of your site and they will perform due diligence to see if you merit this Prestigious Award.

As an introductory offer, we'll supply a free tulip to brighten your comely secretary's desk!

But don't just take our word for it!

" Harnessing Web 2.0 2.0's synergies let me transition to enterprise markets! "

-- John N, Nigeria

" Gaining Web 2.0 2.0 certification proved an invaluable asset to me and my company. "

-- Richard S, Boston, MA, USA

" Slaughtering the infidel is easier with Web 2.0 2.0 enhanced supply-chain logistics "

-- Tony B, London

" I cultivate user-centric platforms using Web 2.0 2.0 innovative front-end techniques. "

-- Kelly T, Arsefuck, Manitoba