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Tech: read Usenet in a mail client


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news2mail | mail2news | on Sourceforge

Most of Usenet sucks horribly these days, but there are still a few odd corners that are worth reading. Unfortunately, good client software is rare. Indeed, the only really good client, Forté Agent, runs on the legacy Windows platform, which makes it effectively non-existent these days.

So I thought it would be nice if I could make Usenet appear in my mailbox. There are a few tools available to do that, but none of them really meet by needs - to start with, they pretty much assume that you are running INN locally. I'm not, and I'm unlikely to start just so I can read a handful of groups. So I wrote my own.

The imaginatively named news2mail connects to any old news server using NNTP (it supports using several servers), grabs new messages in the groups you specify, rewrites the headers a bit to make them fit email, and sends them to your chosen email address. And it works very nicely.

Its companion mail2news expects to be run by a mail server whenever it receives email sent to particular addresses. If performs similar header re-writing tricks, and forwards the messages onwards to news servers.