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The RAMDOS documentation has been converted to hypertext. If you want a copy to refer to off-line, download this ZIP file. The software is also available (RAMDOS | ROMDOS). The comp.sys.amstrad.8bit list of Frequently Answered Questions (FAQ) which also covers PCW and NC issues.
'Afkamm' has scanned the CPC 6128 service manual. You can download it from the mirrors section of my site.
The Amstrad CPC Firmware Guide, lovingly scanned, OCRed, sautéed, served on a bed of rice and garnished with rare spices. Also available as a PDF for download and reading offline. Sean McManus's excellent BASIC tutorial, The BASIC Idea is online.


Updated! (20 Nov 2006) My software archive is online and updated frequently, and now has Kev Thacker's ADATE archive and the Unofficial CP/M Web site, as well as the usual suspects. CWTA's July 1987 article on writing ROM software. Includes sample code. Read in conjunction with Simon Matthews' excellent articles in WACCI issues 121 to 123.
Instruction Manuals UK have an Amstrad section on their website.