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Sun, 12 Jul 2009

iPhone review part 1: iPod

Fed up with waiting for Palm to release their shiny new phone which has been promised for ages but doesn't actually exist yet, and being impressed by some of the apps available, I decided to get myself an iPhone 3GS. Over the next few days and weeks I'll post several short reviews of various bits of its functionality.

First up, the "iPod" functionality. Apple claim that the iPhone is also an iPod - "it's a phone, an iPod and an internet device in one". I suppose this is the first and most obvious lie I've found in all their blurb about it. It quite clearly can not be used as an iPod, because it doesn't have the capacity to store all my music (unlike an iPod) and has no "shuffle albums" feature. So I'll need to carry an iPod as well. Not that that's a problem, I knew I'd have to do that because of the very small storage capacity, but having no album shuffle is a serious design flaw. I'm sure that the sort of achingly hip people who work at Apple don't realise this, because they only listen to "hip-hop", and so 99% of their songs sound exactly the same. But it's kinda important for those of us who listen to actual music. It is important to listen to a symphony from start to finish before automatically moving on to the next work.

But good news on the ipod front, having an ipod-like device with a big screen has made me realise what podcasts are all about. My journeys to work for the next few days are going to be enlivened by Mr. Deity.

Posted at 10:55 by David Cantrell
keywords: electronics | music
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your 'shuffle albums' complaint is a mystery. I have used an iPod Touch for a year or so and a 3GS for a bit. I fear I must be missing something as this facility means nothing to me. I do not like this Hip-Hop thing either: it is just black people making a noise. Jolly good luck to them, but the memsahib & I will do without it and also without this 'Album shiffle' of which you speak.

The abscess of tethering and multitasking is an entire other complaint.

Posted by Geeklawyer on Fri, 17 Jul 2009 at 22:31:30

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