Café Luna

Café Luna is on the corner of Noel st and Berwick st and Luna has the BEST cappucino bar none.

A generally agreeable environment, greatly helped by tasteful music (ambient drum n bass) heard through a decent system, and trendy pretty people who are all chatty and pleasant.

As you will have realised Luna (what kind of name is that? eh) is rather more upmarket than other traditional greasers. There is a lively sandwich trade and non-greasy things like pasta are also on the menu.

The special breakfast is a bit pricey (3.99) but woorst of all bacon, toms etc.. are MICROWAVED and not the slighest bit greasy. (moan, grumble..) AND the chips are pre-fried and merely warmed on request. Nice place shame about the food.

(By the way don't get confused with the posher Luna which is further down Berwick Street)