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Sun, 3 Jun 2007

Palm GPS help wanted

I'm looking for a combination of GPS hardware and software that I can use with my Treo 680. I'm sure that one of the many products I've looked at will do the job, but their websites are ever so unhelpful.

I need to be able to plan waypoints in advance, record waypoints as I go, and have my position displayed on a moving map. I will supply the map files myself as bitmaps in any reasonable format. When I am near the edge of a map, the software should merge image segments from up to four map files. Anything that requires Windows is defined as broken.

I do *not* need automatic route finding, although I suppose it would make sense to be able to add seperate software for that later.

Posted at 12:39 by David Cantrell
keywords: geeky | gps | palm
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