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Sat, 10 Apr 2010

Buy my stuff!

Ugly. Drunk. British. And AWESOME. tee by DrHyde. Available from MySoti.com. Let's go clubbing! tee by DrHyde. Available from MySoti.com. I designed some T-shirts. Please buy them, otherwise I'll have to stamp on a bunny.

Posted at 17:44 by David Cantrell
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Thu, 19 Feb 2009

Boot laces

And lo, in the time of February, Dave did break his bootlaces, and did look on the interwebnets for a shop that would sell them unto him without having to speak to nasty flesh creatures in an shop. And after searching high and low in the land of Shub-Internet, Dave did find some bootlaces, and did pay for them, and cause for them to be delivered unto him. And the LORD did speak unto surplusandadventure.com and spake with a mighty voice "use thou bubble wrap, for when Dave tangles his bootlaces then may he pop the bubbles and not go on an Rampage". And they did use the bubble wrap, and deliver the boot laces, and Dave was both pleased and amused and did make sacrifice of the goats and the [that's enough - ed]

Posted at 23:18 by David Cantrell
keywords: clothes | silly
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Tue, 11 Nov 2008

New hat!

A gentleman wears a hat when outdoors. Sadly, I lost one of my hats a few months ago. I had an emergency spare hat though, so all was not lost. But now that the season has changed and I need to wear a coat instead of a jacket, I also needed to change hats so as to be wearing the right one to match. So I bought a new hat. This hat, from this interwebnet shop. The hat is of the same high standard I have come to expect from them (this is the third I've bought from them), but what really impressed me was he customer service.

When I placed the order online, including giving them my head measurement, they actually took the time to look up that I was a previous customer, and queried that the measurement I'd given them was a whole 1cm (0.2 in) different from the last time, and which one was correct, had the previous hat fitted OK? I think that I'd measured myself this time with lots of hair, but the previous time shortly after shaving my head. That they bother to do that simple check for their existing customers was a pleasant surprise - I've got far too used to faceless interweb businesses and uncaring shop drones, and it's very nice to come across a business that breaks that mould.

Anyway, after a bit of back-and-forth about hat sizes, it was shipped on Thursday last week, and arrived today. Three working days to get from a small shop in rural Australia to London. That's faster delivery than lots of stuff I've bought from people in the UK!

And it was cheap too!

Posted at 23:41 by David Cantrell
keywords: clothes
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Tue, 11 Jul 2006

Sartorial Agony

This is clearly a fake bow tie. And such things require PUNISHMENT.

Posted at 00:26 by David Cantrell
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Fri, 19 May 2006

The Half-life of Hats

The half-life od a thing of the expected lifetime of that thing before it decays into another thing. It is determined by measuring how long it takes the average thing to decay into another thing.

I have, empirically, determined that the half-life of a hat is 3.5 weeks, after which it decays into a hat left in a cab when I am drunk.


Posted at 00:33 by David Cantrell
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