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Tue, 28 Aug 2007

YAPC::Europe 2007 report: day 1

As is becoming normal, I used the times between talks to bugfix some of my modules - this time Tie::STDOUT and Data::Transactional. The former was failing on perl 5.6, the latter on 5.9.5. The former was a bug in perl (you can't localise tied filehandles and expect the tieing to go away in 5.6, so it now declares a dependency on 5.8), the latter was a bug in my code.

Philippe Bruhat's talk on Net::Proxy was great - you can tell it's great because I came away with ideas for at least four things that I need to write. First up will be a plugin for it to allow the user to specify minimum and maximum permitted data rates for proxied connections. This will permit bandwidth limits for maximum permitted rates, but will also help to defeat IDSes doing traffic analysis if you specify a minimum permitted data rate.

This will protect (eg) ssh sessions from being identified based on their very bursty traffic pattern, by "filling in the blanks" with junk data.

In the evening, the CPAN-testers BOF was productive.

Posted at 23:28 by David Cantrell
keywords: geeky | perl | yapc
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