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Tue, 1 May 2007

Things Not Sent

This evening, I wrote the following in response to some trouble someone was having with their mail on one of my mailing lists, one which is normally devoted to talk about electronic circuits. In the end I didn't post it, which is probably a good thing.


> So far the only person who has made any sense to me has been XXXX
> XXXXXX. The other postings have answered in, to me, computer
> gobblydegook. Definitely not 'admirable suggestions of how the
> individual issues can be resolved'.

In all other areas, people take the time to figure out how to do things properly, and learn the terminology needed so that they can discuss any problems they have with an expert without wasting that expert's precious time. It's just plain good manners for someone to learn what some of the standard openings are called before asking a chess expert for tips on how to improve their game, or the basics of what a resistor does before asking questions in this 'ere mailing list.

The same applies to computers and email. The "gobbledigook" is the basics that people would learn in any other field of expertise. Why people can't be bothered to learn it when a computer is involved is beyond me.

Yes, I know it takes time to learn. I know it's annoying to have to do it. But to the experts, your problem is as insignificant and uninteresting as my inept chess-playing is to my local club champion.

Anyway, the solution to your email problems is "consult your local system administrator or your ISP's help desk". If they can't help you, fire them, hire a better one and repeat the process until the problem is solved. No gobbledigook required.

Gosh, Evil Dave showing restraint. Whatever next?!!?

Posted at 22:04 by David Cantrell
keywords: geeky | rant
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Gosh, Evil Dave showing restraint. Whatever next?!!?

Me showing restraint?

Posted by MBM on Tue, 1 May 2007 at 23:46:49

Hm. Do you remember that tedious old buffoon who used to post to csa8 from an Amstrad PCW, thereby with utterly wrong quoting/reference headers/line breaks/clue, and give almost exactly the same answer ("computer gobblydegook") whenever challenged? ISTR you posting pretty much the above message then.

Posted by Richard Fairhurst on Wed, 2 May 2007 at 09:57:44

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