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Sun, 23 Oct 2011

Rugby World Cup roundup

Best gameCanada / Japan
Best national anthemItaly. Those of Wales and Russia are also excellent, but Italy's was better suited to the soprano-heavy choirs used.
Best Morris danceNew Zealand
Best facial hairAdam "Bigfoot" Kleeberger (Canada)
Worst facial hairLouis Stanfill (USA)'s pathetic moustache
Best hairRadike Samo (Australia)'s humungous 'fro
Best teamNew Zealand
Hardest workersJapan, against France; and Fiji, against South Africa
Most exciting teamFiji
Most exciting playersMa'a Nonu (NZ); Martin Castrogiovanni (Italy)
Most impressive playerTendai Mtawarira (South Africa)
Biggest disappointmentTakudze Ngwenya (USA) having no impact whatsoever
Biggest annoyancesNew Zealand's timezone, and scrums not being fed straight

Posted at 13:14 by David Cantrell
keywords: sport
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"Biggest annoyances New Zealand's timezone"

Don't worry, it'll be in England next time. Does England have enough big stadia? Twickenham, O2, Olympic park, Leeds... Or might they use the Millenium Stadium and Murrayfield?

Apparently the Glasgow commonwealth games swimming competitions will be in Edinburgh!

Posted by Ruth on Wed, 2 Nov 2011 at 10:49:46

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