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Tue, 30 Mar 2010

Music review: Robin Grey: Strangers With Shoes

OK, so this has turned into more a review of the record label than of the music. Deal with it :-)

I recently re-discovered Magnatune, the "we are not evil" record company. All their tracks are available online, and you can even download them for free, with a slightly annoying little speech at the end of each track saying where it came from - although Magnatune themselves say on their website that you can strip that off if you want. But for a trivial sum you can become a "download member", and so download as much music as you like, without the annoying speeches, and that's what I recommend.

But before you sign up, you should listen to this album by Robin Grey, as a sample of the sort of quality on offer. This is what Bob Dylan should have sounded like, if only Dylan could sing.

And while you're at Magnatune's website, also check out Beat Beat Beat, by Burning Babylon.

Posted at 23:22 by David Cantrell
keywords: culture | music
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