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Mon, 5 Jun 2017

Right Sort Of Mad

[originally posted on 27 Oct 2015]

I would like to draw your attention to a few splendid projects which are, like Jack Churchill, The Right Sort Of Mad.

  • Xplain attempts to explain how the X Window System works, something that is Plenty Mad on its own. In doing so it implements an X server in Javascript just because.
  • MOVfuscator compiles your code to nothing but MOV instructions. Just imagine, now that you're not using all the CPU area wasted for tiresome nonsense like ADD or NOP [EAX + ...], Intel could turn it all into cache! And it'll be super-efficient because the CPU doesn't have to decode whether each instruction is a MOV or something pointless like JNE!
  • ctypes.sh, because you always wanted to care about pointers in your bash scripts. I know I do! Mmmm pointers, I love 'em.
[update 5 Jun 2017]

  • reptyr takes an existing running program and attaches it to a new terminal. Not very portable, unfortunately, but still useful and a really nifty hack
Posted at 12:40 by David Cantrell
keywords: geeky
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