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Fri, 9 Sep 2011

Olympic security costs - again

Three and a bit years ago I wrote about how the Olympics security had increased in cost five-fold. I'm sure none of you are surprised that that was just the beginning. Since then it's gone up again. In fact the cost of "securing" the venues, training facilities, and the "Olympic village" has increased fifteen times. Naturally, this cost is going to be borne by the government and not by the liars who put together the original bid, all of whom are going to come out of the Olympics with several years of nice big salaries while the tax-payers foot the bill.

Other big sporting events, such as the Rugby World Cup, are privately funded, with the organising body both taking any profits but also bearing responsibility for any losses. In fact, it's because the 2011 world cup is expected to make a loss that the 2015 tournament will be in England, where it is expected to make a whacking great profit.

Why is the Olympic Games treated differently? Why does it automatically get subsidised by tax-payers?

Thankyou very much Seb Coe you midget Tory CUNT.

Posted at 21:53 by David Cantrell
keywords: olympics | rant
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