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Thu, 12 Nov 2009

Car stereo suggestions wanted

I need a new car stereo, cos the fancy detachable faceplate on the cheap piece of shit I've got right now keeps falling off, and so the music stops. Anyone got any suggestions?

Features I need:

  • it Just Fucking Works - is this even possible, or do they have stupid proprietary connections? It needs to plug into an 04 reg Toyota Hilux.
  • both bass *and* treble
  • no fucking disco lights
  • aux in so I can plug my ipod in
  • a USB port would be nice, but not essential
  • no fancy removeable bits to fall off and get lost
  • if it has to have slots for old media, it should be CD and not tape, but even that's not essential
  • DAB would be nice. If analogue radio, it must do LW FOR GREAT TEST MATCH SPECIAL JUSTICE and MW for the World Service. Not particularly fussed about FM, as that's just shitty doof-doof noises.
  • cheap
Posted at 20:01 by David Cantrell
keywords: cars | music | travel
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