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Fri, 1 Dec 2006

Interwebnets roundup

Some things that got my attention in the past few days ...

David Cantrell's home burnt down and now he lives in an old bus, according to the Dallas Morning News. You too can get bizarre stories about your evil twins emailed to you with Google Alerts.

A retard tried to ban a couple's Christmas peace symbol because, well, clearly, Christ was only joking when he said "blessed are the peace-makers".

And finally, I owe the hip-hop community an apology. I have previously dismissed all their work as "illiterate shouty crap". But now Baba Brinkman, a Canadian student of Mediæval and Renaissance English, has set the Canterbury Tales to music. It's still shouty crap, of course, but illiterate it is not.

Posted at 21:37 by David Cantrell
keywords: music | religion | web | weird
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Damn scary, just the thought of 'David Cantrell's' house burning down .

Burrrrr ! I live upstairs .....

Posted by Eduardo De Tartnan Heet on Fri, 15 Dec 2006 at 19:43:01

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