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Sat, 23 Apr 2011

Giving up sobriety for Lent 2011: final week, week 7

The Church of Greg's School of Experimental Theology has noted that followers of lesser faiths claim to get spiritual benefits from giving up things that their deity disapproves of, such as fun and tasty food. Greg disapproves of being a po-faced teetotal git, so as an experiment this year observant Greggists are giving up sobriety.

Day 35: Mon 18 Apr

Shepherd Neame
Whistable Bay ale
Day 36: Tue 19 Apr

Day 37: Wed 20 Apr

Day 38: Thu 21 Apr

Badger Brewery
Fursty Ferret
Day 39: Fri 22 Apr

Scotch Malt Whisky Society
cask no 3.58
11y.o. Bowmore, 59.3%
Day 40: Sat 23 Apr

M&S Cornish IPA
brewed by the
St. Austell brewery

Oranjeboom: the beer with the name that sounds like it tastes. Being Dutch, its name sounds like someone spitting.

Posted at 23:20 by David Cantrell
keywords: drinking | religion
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