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Tue, 14 Aug 2007

Foreign criminals

The right-wing gutter press have seized on something from the Met about how 20% of crimes in London are committed by foreign citizens This obviously means that foreigners (who, lest we not forget, are either here to take our jobs, illegal immigrants, or bogus asylum seekers) are untrustworthy and Sould Be Sent Back Where They Came From.

Errm, no, it doesn't.

31% of London's residents are foreign-born (which I realise isn't the same thing as being a foreign citizen, but it's the closest for which I can find numbers, and it's going to be a pretty good approximation as almost all of those people will retain their original citizenship no matter how much they hated whatever shit-hole they came from). That means that London's foreign residents are 33% less likely to be criminals than the natives are.

So yes, we certainly need to send certain groups back where they came from. We should start by deporting the Scots and Scousers, thus cutting dramatically the number of native-born criminals in this fine city. Once we've done that we can move on to solving the problem of hate-crime by deporting everyone who works for the Daily Mail And General Trust.

Posted at 20:07 by David Cantrell
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