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Wed, 13 May 2009

MPs' expenses

Well, I suppose I had to write about this, everyone else is.

The electorate disgust me. When confronted with the waging of aggressive war, deliberate attacks on civilians, support for brutally murderous regimes, and torture - nothing. But piss an insignificant amount of money away on dodgy expenses and there's a slim chance that the government might fall. By comparison with my disgust for my fellow citizens, that which I feel for the dirty thieves in parliament is but a shadow.

And at least the MPs are being funny about it. Some of them are paying back what they stole from me and all the other taxpayers! And we all know that if you steal something but give it back when you get caught, that makes it all OK! Ha ha ha!

Trouble is, the voters are so fucking stupid that it will probably work. Oh sure, a few of the most egregious cases will get thrown to the wolves by their local party selection committees come the general election, but most won't, and people will just "vote for Labour" or "vote for the Conservatives" as usual.

Never mind that in this country we don't vote for parties but for individuals. Arsehats. It's time for another revolution. Let's see if we can make it third time lucky.

Posted at 21:16 by David Cantrell
keywords: politics
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The problem with British revolutions is that we are gutless and give up and go back to the ancient regime at the drop of a hat.

I say introduce Madame Guillotine and chop a few heads off... It's not that beheading people has a good track record but it will stop the lying scum from looking so smug when they hand a few pennies back of their ill gotten gains.

I don't know if I really want effective government but I certainly don't want the corrupt and incompetent government we have had for most of the last few decades.

Posted by Adam on Wed, 13 May 2009 at 23:29:58

I don't think it's fair to say this isn't an important issue or that its only now that the public are getting angry. Many people opposed the Iraq war and several other important issues. I think what has made this all so distasteful is that it's all coming out during such a bad economic downturn. We're all suffering because of greedy individuals put in place by certain politicians and now this scandal is just one more blow to the public.

I'm infuriated by the whole thing! as i've felt about most labour decisions lately but this takes the prize. Our MPs are supposed to be "Right Honourables" and yet wheres the honour in stealing from the public! and it's not just labour predictably letting us down but all three parties caught with their hands in the cookie jar. It's awful when politicians make mistakes, bad policies or bad leadership but when they deliberatly choose to abuse a system at our expense - that is when you have to ask yourself about their intentions and whether they can be trusted. Questions that we should never have to ask ourselfs.

Concerning the general election next year and even the euro one in June, i think the conservatives will do well, as will the liberal democrats. Simply because labour is just a mess and most likely won't recover. But also to give some credit to Cameron, he has looked more like a leader than Brown and certaintly has more charisma. Seeing as most people aren't interested in the day to day politics, they will probably vote conservative based on this one aspect.

Posted by Hannah on Wed, 13 May 2009 at 23:41:21

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