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Sat, 5 Jul 2003

Today is a GOOD DAY ...

... despite my ranting last night in various IRC channels and mailing lists about the barbaric behaviour of certain governments.

Why am I happy? Well, first of all, my shiny new video capturing thingy works, now that I've got the right cable to go between it and a VCR.

Second, my hangover has gone. Yesterday was my last day at work and we had quite a bit to drink. I start my new job at oh-dark-uncivilised o'clock on Monday.

And third - as I do whenever I go into Croydon, I poked around in Books Etc and Waterstones to see if they had anything interesting on the shelves. And they did. Between the two of them, I came out with some Wodehouse (Carry on, Jeeves), Philip K. Dick's "The Man in the High Castle", a replacement copy of Banks's "The Player of Games" (I've lost my other copy), and a good translation of the Divine Comedy. My Italian skillz aren't quite enough to read it in the original. I've read parts of Sisson's translation before, and it reads nice n' easily.

Posted at 21:49 by David Cantrell