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Wed, 9 Feb 2005

Thomas Lipscomb, all mouth, no trousers

Thomas Lipscomb is your typical extreme right American. As is common amongst that unfortunate species, he demonstrates extraordinary political naivety. On the first of this month he babbled the following bit of stupidity on Declan McCullagh's "politech" mailing list:

" Ireland, like Estonia and Finland, is barely in Europe. they all have these embarrassingly high GDPs that the Eurocops seem to want to penalize. I predict that in a decade things will be so bad in Europe that countries like those and the UK will be joining NAFTA. "

Quite a bold prediction! Naturally, I think that Lipscomb is talking bollocks, so I asked if he would care for a small wager on that. I suggested a thousand pounds. Since then he has maintained a deathly silence. Obviously he is not willing to put his money where his mouth is.

Posted at 20:42 by David Cantrell