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Sat, 25 Feb 2006

Stilton and kipper soup

I am about to try something new. I am about to try making stilton and kipper soup.

Towards the end of every fortnight, I am left with some veggies which I have to use up otherwise they go manky. This time, I have a head of broccolli and half a leek. I've had both before in $foo and stilton soup, but I've never tried making anything like it. So I'm about to ...

Saute a couple of huge onions, add beer and water and seasoning, bring to a gentle simmer, add chopped broccolli and leek and a kipper (which I also need to get rid of before it makes everything in the fridge stink of fish), simmer some more, add a wege of cheap nasty stilton what I just bought from the stupidmarket, broken down into small chunks, simmer some more, then hopefully yum yum yum.

[update: it was good, and I've posted the recipe with a leeeeetle more detail (but only a little) to the community.]

Posted at 17:34 by David Cantrell