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Mon, 3 Jan 2005

New year

Arrived back from Germany last night, after spending a few days over new year with friends there, and having a splendid time. My Proper English Breakfast on the morning of new year's eve went down very well, although people were rather suspicious of the fried tomatoes.

Apparently, a short TV sketch from the 60s, "Dinner for One", is something of a new year tradition in Germany and has been broadcast in a few other countries too. It's broadcast there in English without subtitles. I am a bad man, and have a compelling need to find a copy and hack it up. Either dubbing it with an odd translation, or adding absurd subtitles. The only copy I've been able to find has Scandiwegian subtitles already so is not right for this holy task. Anyone know where I can get it, including the original introduction which is in German?

Posted at 08:51 by David Cantrell