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Tue, 7 Mar 2006

Mmmm, tasty baby-meat

Baby cow, that is.

For my tea tonight, I boiled some taters, then set them aside to drain. Then I fried a chopped onion a bit, and added the taters, some herbs, some chopped green thing which was sort of like spinach but not quite, and a splash of beer. Cooked that for a few minutes until it was nicely steamy and moist and the green thing had reduced somewhat. Transfer that to plates. Add a little more oil to the pan and wait for it to get hot enough, then fry a couple of veal escalopes, turning occasionally so they're cooked evenly and don't burn. I added a little Worcestershire sauce half way through. When the veal is decently cooked (about like a medium-rare steak, so still pink in the middle but not dripping with blood) and beginning to ooze nice meaty juices, serve.

And keep the meaty juices from the pan for to re-use them later in the week.

The veal was very nice. I'm sorry to say that the veggies weren't up to my normal standard, they were a bit bland.

Posted at 20:39 by David Cantrell