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Sun, 15 May 2005

Maybe euthanising the retarded wasn't such a bad idea

Today has been spoilt by two types of "people", although really applying the word people to such retards does degrade the species so.

1. Apparently there exist those who are opposed to vaccination. I suggest euthanising these retards by exposing them to various strains of flu, to smallpox, and so on. Bonus points for the number of different colours you can make their skin go before they die.

2. Spammers who send me their shite in Korean. I can't read Korean. That those this stupid are permitted to breathe is an abomination. At least when people spam me in Spanish I might recognise the product they are hawking, and according to another bunch of retard - marketeers - brand recognition is a good thing *even if I permanently boycott the product*.

Posted at 20:29 by David Cantrell