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Sun, 27 Nov 2005


A few links for your pleasure:

Smash My Xbox - be first in the queue to buy a new Xbox, and then SMASH IT WITH A SLEDGEHAMMER in front of all the wanky fanboys;

Genum dyslexiae inventum - sorry, the only news outlet that has picked up this story is in Finland, and writes in Latin. BBC News and New Scientist suck;

Pub opening hours - the temporary emergency regulations brought in to prevent WW1 ammunition workers from mixing ammo with booze have finally been mostly repealed after 91 years. The usual stupid suspects - police, judges, Tories (but I repeat myself) - didn't learn their lesson from the last time they tried to prevent pub opening hours being liberalised and opined that it would again be the death of civilisation. Last time round, drunkenness fell when opening hours were liberalised. There's not yet enough evidence from this most recent deregulation, but at least we can say that booze-related crime did not obviously rise over the first weekend.

Posted at 13:02 by David Cantrell