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Wed, 9 Nov 2005

Interesting conversations

Yesterday I was in the pub with Kake for a Croydon Perl Mongers thing. We talked about Things To Do With Steak. Don't you think that slices of steak stuffed with crystallised ginger and dipped in dark bitter chocolate would make a FABULOUS dessert? I might try it out on my parents over Christmas.

And today I was at a funeral. In the after-service hovering and lurking outside the chapel, I got talking to my godfather (don't worry, I'm still the vile apostate you all know and love) who I've not seen for years. The conversation turned to universities and courses and why I'd dropped out and what I would study if I were to go back. So I blathered for a bit about mathemagics and number theory and cryptography and hashing and he understood! I never knew there was another closet cryptographer in the family! And I ranted about how inflexible British universities are about courses and their silly insistence on everyone Doing A Subject instead of people using the university resources to edumacate themselves. Damnit, I want to study number theory, history of western art, classics, fluid dynamics, and theology. Even though theology is a silly thing that adults shouldn't take seriously, it is at least going to make you think.

Posted at 23:09 by David Cantrell