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Wed, 8 Mar 2006

If I were a suicide bomber ...

I'd be paying attention to the recent whitewash from the Association of Chief Police Officers, which says that the policy that lead to the murder of an innocent man at Stockwell tube station last year is just A-OK.

The conclusion that any intelligent suicide bomber will reach is obvious. "I'll make a dead-man switch out of my kitchen scales, that way I make biiiig badda-boom anyway and get my 70 virgins*, **". And the result of this is that the police will continue to gun down innocent people for no good reason, while not stopping determined naughty chaps from blowing shit up.

Hooray! The death count in The War Against Terrorism rises! We have always been at war with East Asia!

* or reincarnated as an astronaut, or to sit on JAYSUS's right hand (cos he likes fondling arses), or whatever their silly superstition tells them.

** why they want virgins instead of an elite team of whores, trained in every form of depraved perversion both known and unknown to man, I'll never know.

Posted at 21:57 by David Cantrell