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Sat, 7 Jan 2006

Healthy eating

In my quest to eat healthier, I have hired some tame hippies to provide nice fresh veg. Once a fortnight, they'll be leaving a box of veggies on my doorstep so that they're waiting there for me when I get up. Ten quid a fortnight for all the basics is great value. OK, so they don't include everything - being hippies they probably don't approve of eating stuff that's been shipped halfway around the world, so I'll still have to use the greengrocer for some things.

Today, I drove down to Middle Farm to buy some more goodies - meat, cheese, beer and bread. Also I'd promised to take Dan Kolb down there for cider. On the way we saw a couple of dogs eating the corpse of a fox in the middle of the road. I'm sure that was very healthy.

My own healthy meal this evening consists of three sausages instead of my usual four; a potato (I'm cooking two, but I'll use one of them to make sag aloo later - I like it cold, so it'll be saved for tomorrow); and I'm steaming a carrot and a courgette. So that's a little more than my normal amount of veggies, less meat, and I'm not frying anything. Go me!

Posted at 19:59 by David Cantrell