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Wed, 5 Oct 2005

Drug research and smackhead tramps

There are always plenty of "charity" "workers" out on the streets begging for money supposedly to spend it on cancer research. Lots of the money they raise goes on office pen-pushers, on paying the collectors, on company cars, on periodic re-branding and other waste - if any of it goes to the charity at all. To be honest, I am sceptical, and wouldn't be at all surprised to find that the collectors just spend it on smack and Special Brew like all the other filthy beggar scum do.

So I don't give 'em anything.

But there is a charitable cause which I would give money to, despite all the above, and despite my belief that medical research should be funded out of taxation. That is the charity which works on a hangover cure. Once I've got a hangover, no matter how much water I drink, painkillers I take, and food I eat, I am useless for a day. I want a pill that will magic the hangover away. I'd not even care much about side-effects like it taking a day off my life expectancy, or giving me cancer.

So, do-gooders, go for it! I'll stop spitting on you in the street.

And beggars of the world - unite and lie about hangover cures, all you have to gain is money from me for smack and Special Brew!

Posted at 11:13 by David Cantrell