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Tue, 25 Oct 2005

Cyclists who suck - no. 1 in a series

Today my train home was, to put it mildly, rather full, because all the trains were delayed and there was a match on at Selhurst Park. And then some lackwit cyclist decided that he absolutely *had* to get on. With his disgusting oily spiky machine. So he pushed and pushed and got his disgusting oil all over some poor chap's shirt. He got off two stops later, having deprived at least three better people of places on the train. The station he got off at is less than two miles from his starting point. I wonder why he has his wheeled contraption if he doesn't use it.

There are three parties at fault here.

  1. The other passengers near him: for not kicking his fucking head in and throwing him off the train;

  2. BR* platform staff: for not pulling him off the train and kicking his fucking head in;

  3. and of course the cyclist himself: for showing no consideration for his fellow man and just being a first class CUNT.

* or whatever they're called this week

Posted at 20:35 by David Cantrell