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Sat, 1 Nov 2003

Cars cars cars they all blend into one cars cars cars cars

I work 70-odd miles away from home, and while the journey to work on the train is fine, the trains just don't run at convenient times for the journey back which is irritating, so I'm going to buy a car. Last weekend I looked at lots of cars. Today I looked at lots of cars. I should really stop, and just make up my damned mind.

Tomorrow I might go and poke my nose around a Peugeot dealer if I can be arsed. And next weekend I have a test-drive booked in a VW Bora. I could have driven it today, but I drank too much last night and I'd probably just end up wrapping it round a tree.

And now my feet are knackered from walking between the dealers. Bastards, why can't they all be next to each other, and preferably at the top of my road.

Posted at 16:25 by David Cantrell