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Sun, 4 May 2003


Apple really are insanely great. I bought a new Powerbook G4 this weekend, and getting all my apps and documents across from my old iBook was nice n' easy. Just put the iBook into firewire target mode, connect it to the Powerbook, and drag n' drop. Hah! Beat that, Linux fanboys!

OK, so I could have used the network, but Firewire is about a zillion times faster.

It's a pity I can't laud all third-party Mac software in the same way. The Dock/Launcher replacement I use, Drop Drawers X, seems to be sensitive to the name of the disk it is installed on. On the iBook, the disk was called "iBook", and on the Powerbook, it's called "Powerbook" (original, huh?). I copied the application, its preferences, and its data, but it moaned vigourously about not having the right permissions. Funny, cos all the files had the same permissions before and after copying. When it occurred to me to actually check the preferences, it turned out that throughout both preferences files (and why are there two?) and throughout the data files, it refers to the disk by name. How stupid is that? It should refer to my data files as ~david/Library/Preferences/Drawers/whatever, not as /Volumes/Diskname/Users/david/Lib...

Posted at 12:50 by David Cantrell