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Sat, 5 Jul 2003

A political message

Tory Bliar (and you can guess what I think of him by what I call the little bastard) says that he has done a lot for education and health care. He says that because his party has done so much for these admittedly vital services, they should be re-elected for a third term whenever he deigns to permit us to vote again.

I disagree. He should not be elected based on his track record on these services. He *certainly* shouldn't be elected because of his sucking up to His Majesty King George Bush the Second, and for the crimes he is responsible for in the middle east.

He should, however, be re-elected on the ground that while he might be a Tory bastard, he isn't as disgustingly right-wing as the *real* Tory Bastard Party has become.

I myself would vote Liberal Democrat if there were an election tomorrow, on the grounds that they are the most left-wing of the major parties. But also because regardless of who I vote for, the constituency in which I live will *never* return a Tory scumbag. Therefore it doesn't matter if I 'waste' a vote on the third party. If I thought my vote mattered, I'd vote for Bliar, regardless of what I think of him, on the grounds that I would rather chew my own foot off than vote Conservative.

The Tories should pay attention to the fact that people will vote for those they despise rather than vote for Tories.

Posted at 00:22 by David Cantrell