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Sat, 1 Aug 2009

Devel::CheckLib can now check libraries' contents

Devel::CheckLib has grown a new feature. As well as checking that libraries and headers exist, it can now also check that particular functions exist in a library and check their return values. This will be particularly useful if you need to check that a particular version of a library is available.

It works if you have a Unixish toolchain. I need to wait for the CPAN-testers reports to see if I managed not to break anything on Windows. Unfortunately, even though the lovely Mr. Alias has worked hard to make Windows machines available to developers, I found it to be just too hard to use. Even downloading my code to the Windows machine was hard, as Windows seemed to think it knew better and shouldn't download the file I told it to download. Then once I had downloaded it, Windows decided to hide it somewhere that I couldn't get to using the command line. So I gave up.

I might try again once there are some decent tools on the machines: wget, tar, and gzip at minimum, as given those I can quickly bootstrap anything else. Software development isn't just about having compilers available.

Posted at 17:45 by David Cantrell
keywords: geeky | perl
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