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Sat, 7 Apr 2012

Barley soup

I was going to make a tarka dal for my tea, but I'd run out of lentils, so put some barley on to boil instead. And then I went off-piste.

Simmer the barley for half an hour. Add several cloves of finely chopped garlic and a veggie stock cube. Simmer for another half hour. In a frying pan with some hot oil, fry some of your favourite garam masala (mine's the stuff from the Sri Lankan corner shop - helpful aren't I!) and some ginger, add a finely chopped onion. When that's gone golden and delicious, add two chopped tomatoes and a little of the liquid that the barley is simmering in. Let it reduce a bit, then combine everything together. Once it's reached the right consistency, add some chopped coriander and baby pea pods. Stir those through to warm them and serve immediately.

Posted at 22:11 by David Cantrell
keywords: barley | soup | vegetarian
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